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Incentive Travel: ROI, Trends and Destinations

Introduction Incentive travel is a business tool proven to change behavior, improve profit, cash flow, employee and customer engagement and other business objectives. Incentive travel also correlates to increased sales, boosted productivity, customer and talent retention, increased company loyalty, teamwork and decreased turnover. These programs are highly effective in impacting company performance with a positive…

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Facilitation Notes

Introduction: The Facilitator’s Role The facilitator is responsible for the process of the meeting — how the participants work together. The facilitator should encourage the participants to use the most effective methods for accomplishing their task in the shortest amount of time. Facilitators: Set a positive tone for discussion Remain neutral to the issues Keep…

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Customer Advisory Boards: Industry Trends and Best Practices

Introduction: Source: “Customer Advisory Board,” Ignite Advisory Group. Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) play an important role in effective corporate management. Assembling every six months to one year, CABs: Increase understanding of how the company’s products and services benefit customers Increase understanding of how to best close product or service gaps and voids Validate strategy and…

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